Ethnic vendors will be serving Biryani, Kabab Platters, Wraps, Mediterranean Platters, Falafal, Samosas, Lassi and much more!

Several Six Flags food outlets serving either Halaal Fast Food, Ice Creams, Italian Ices, Juices, Cold Drinks, Coffee, Funnel Cakes, Muffins etc.

Air conditioned sit-in restaurants, pizza shops, ice cream outlets, roaming carts & much more!

All Six Flags restaurants will be serving Halal meat and will have certification available upon request.

Six Flags Vending Locations:
(in addition to Ethnic Vendors)



Nitro Pizza

Macho Nacho

Villians Café


Outpost Funnel Cake

Shore Eats

Garden State Grill

Wildside Pizza

Nitro Coke Cart

Sugar Shack

Sweet Cakes

Carousel Snacks

Main St. Snacks

Fountain Drinks

Chop Six

Central Brewhaus

Funnel Cake Factory Main St.

Kickin Chicken Wildside

Halal Guys will be serving from Boardwalk Steaks

Sammy’s Halal will be serving from Yum Yum Cafe