Ethnic vendors will be serving Platters, Biryani, Kababs, Wraps, Falafal, Samosas, and much more!

All opened Six Flags food locations (see full list below) will serve Halal/Zabiha Fast Food in addition to Ice Creams, Italian Ices, Juices, Cold Drinks, Coffee, Funnel Cakes, Muffins, etc.

Enjoy halal/zabiha food in air-conditioned sit-in restaurants, pizza shops, ice cream outlets, roaming carts & much more!

All Six Flags restaurants will be serving Halal meat and will have certification available upon request.

Ethnic Food Menu:

Serving Location – Granny’s Country Kitchen (near prayer area)

Chicken/Lamb Gyro Platters, Seekh Kabab with Rice, Chicken Biryani, BBQ Chicken, Falafel, Samosa, Chai, Kheer

Serving Location – Central Brew (at the fountain)

Chicken/Beef Biryani, Vegetable Fried Rice, Chicken Tikka Platter, Seekh Kabab, BBQ Platter, Samosa, Yogurt, Chai, Keer, Mithai/Sweets

Addy’s Barbeque
Serving Location – Yum Yum Café (near Merry-go-round Carousel/Fountain)

1/4 pounder burger, 1/4 pounder cheese burger, Crispy chicken sandwich, Chili chicken sandwich, Deep fried wings, BBQ wings, Buffalo wings, Atomic wings, BBQ chicken and rice, French fries, Seasoned fries

Six Flags Vending Locations for Eid 2022
(in addition to Ethnic Vendors)

  1. Mama Flora’s Grill
  2. Wildside Pizza
  3. Jersey Devil BBQ
  4. Seaport Eats
  5. GA Café
  6. Chop Six
  7. Nitro Pizza
  8. Adventure Alley Dippin Dots
  9. Mama Flora’s Cucina
  10. Liberty Snacks
  11. Liberty Pizza
  12. Carousel Snacks
  13. Boardwalk Steak and Fries
  14. Flightline Dippin Dots
  15. Kickin Chicken Boardwalk
  16. Chop Six Express
  17. Shore Eats and Treats
  18. Garden State Grill
  19. Fountain Drinks
  20. Sweet Cakes
  21. Sweet Treats
  22. Sugar Shack
  23. Main Street Snacks
  24. Rita’s 2
  25. Rita’s 1
  26. Nitro Coke Cart